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Thank you for visiting the CFSES logo / branding page! We are happy to help with any files or documents you need when preparing for a presentation. If you do not see the file type you need listed below, please contact us and we will generate a version to meet your specifications.


Each "zipped" package has three versions of the logo (examples below). All files are 300 dpi, except the web files which are 72 dpi.

Square Square with tagline Horizontal


Color usage:

Color RGB PMS / CMYK Hex / Web safe
Dark Green 0   104   56 PMS 349C     |    C=90   M=30   Y=95    K=30 #026838
Light Green 44  154  66 PMS 7739C   |    C=89   M=15   Y=100   K=2 #2c9a42
Dark Blue 24  90  115 PMS 7700C   |    C=92   M=62   Y=32    K=12 #185a7d
Light Blue 61  125  202 PMS 660C     |    C=76   M=47   Y=0      K=0 #3d7dca



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